Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Encouraging Right Behavior

I saw this idea on the u-create website and LOVED it so much I made it the very same day! Its a "caught you being good" chart!

(Do not be impressed by Georgia. She's been lapped several times LOL. Have I mentioned she's two? :p)

All I did was print out a list with each of my children's names, mat it, and put it into a picture frame. I made little flower rosettes to make it prettier! The way it works is super easy. When you catch your child making good choices, showing a selfless attitude, going out of their way to help another, making sacrifices for others, etc you give that child a mark because you caught them being good! Use a dry erase marker on the glass makes it super easy to wipe away. When you need to add another child, just print a new sheet and put it back into the frame.

I always make a big deal in front of everyone when I give any child a mark. Asking for a mark means no mark for sure! For the bigger kids the prize is ten marks equal a buck. In our allowance-free house one buck for just putting others first is a big deal! For the little kids they get a small treat like a piece of gum or mini candy bar immediately when they earn a mark.

This Salad Brought To You By...


That's right! This salad was made entirely from our garden (well minus the black olives, we do live in North Idaho afterall, and I'm pretty sure olives don't grow here). The Family dream is a homestead, but for now we are happy with our small vegetable garden. This year my husband built a raised bed that measures about 4 ft wide by 24 ft long. We planted squash, zucchini, beets, corn, carrots, lettuce, onions, brocolli (total waste of space), sweet peas, strawberries and lots of tomatoes!

Golden Sugar Tomatoes. SUPER sweet!

We've had TONS of lettuce!

There is something so Amazing about growing your own food and serving it to your family!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Abigail Grace

It seems like I am spending most of my time these days protecting our newest addition, Abigail, from her eye-poking brother! :)

Baby number seven, Abigail Grace, made her debut earlier this month. We are all in love with her! We feel so blessed!