Monday, December 16, 2013

Bun # 8


       Did I ever post pictures of bun number 8?  Well here he is
in all  his charm and glory. Mini- Dave Indeed!  Judah Gabriel is now 15 months
old!  He is my darling baby bear!  Judah will be a big brother this summer ❤

The Midwest for us!

This summer our family made a pretty big decision to pick up our lives, say good bye to friends and family and move to a rural area near Lincoln, Nebraska. When we first got here we were slightly concerned by the number of people asking why in the world we would leave Idaho for Nebraska. Well, we've been here almost half a year now!  Wow that flew by!  We love Nebraska. Tornados not so much but, we have our dream house on a few acres with a barn and chicken coop all ready for animals in the spring. We've joined a homeschool co op. Found a great OPC church filled with people  we adore...  The list goes on!  Plus, being in the center of the country, we are looking forward to lots of trips here and there since we're so much closer to so many things!  First on my list is the creation museum in Cincinatti. I hope we will make it there this spring!
It's no coincidence that the house were buying was built by a family with ten kids!!  It's not huge or fancy, but its perfect for us!



Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013


                         We have taken some really sweet pictures of Georgia lately.  These were both taken
at the Cordelia Lutheran Church, not too far from our house.
Georgia pumping water

Georgia found a little New Testament in the Church and took it out into the sun to "read" it.

Happy Birthday Miss Bev!

Today is my very good friend's birthday!  She and her three daughters are such a huge blessing to our family!
Beals and Kirsches enjoying a little shade.
Melissa, Ashley, Bev and Katie Beals

Melissa, Ashley and Abi

Beals + Kirsches

Katie and Jack

Melissa, Abi and Aleyna

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tea Party for a Four-Year-Old

I am a sucker for fun themed parties! When I was growing up my mom often put together the best birthday parties. I remember parties at the skating rink, the bowling alley and THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY OF ALL TIMES at a New Kid's On the Block concert! I know, RIGHT!! That has probably played a huge role in my LOVE for super fun birthday parties!

In September our fourth child, Alexis, celebrated her fourth birthday! Alexis had never had a FUN birthday to date so I wanted to make it just what she wanted, a fancy tea-party with a special "guest of honor".
Alexis LOVED using the fancy punch bowl and cups
that my sister-in-law gave me several years.

All fancy Tea Parties require fancy ring pops!

Each guest had their own special tea cup and place card.

Alexis wore her "fancy" dress and hat, of course.

The house was covered in pink tulle, fancy tea cups, monogrammed napkins, pink balloons, special tea party treats (mostly chocolate), all things fancy...which pretty much describes Alexis. She is truly FANTASTIC!