Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cowboy bedroom

Before Jack was born we had FIVE girls! I love having sweet girls! I love dressing girls, decorating girls rooms, shopping for girls, the whole package! But you can imagine my excitement when we found out that baby number six was a boy!! Excitement to have a son AND excited to finally decorate a boy bedroom! I knew instantly that we needed a cowboy bedroom and if the ultrasound was wrong, and the baby was a girl she was sure she would be thrilled with her cowboy bedroom, haha.

The first thing I bought was the cowboy bedding.
I thought about making an awesome vintagey
bedding set, but in the end...I'm just not that
awesome of a seamstress. I ended up loving the
this set that I purchased brand new from ebay for
forty dollars!

Rope border is must in a cowboy bedroom!
I grabbed some rope from the hardware store
and went to work with my staple gun (possibly
my favorite tool)! I went around the entire room
with the rope and I love the way it turned out!

This shelf was my very first DIY building project! I started
with pallets but they were just a little TOO rustic for me.

You can see the old the milk crates that I dumped
the yard toys out of and brought in for blanket and
diaper storage! The nice thing about a cowboy theme
is that old junk fits in easily.

Horses and cowboy boots make perfect accessories.
I found these for cheaps at the goodwill!

I love the quilt a friend made for Jack, but I love
the bunny ears even more. LOL!

How cute is this little sign set, made especially for the cowboy!

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