Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why I broke up with Facebook

My husband has made the suggestion that I quit Facebook several times over the last year. Being the completely submissive wife that I am, I chose to ignore him. His claim was that Facebook is a waste of time, every body is all up in your business, and thinks it is ridiculous to have 327 "friends" when you actually only talk to five people on the "friends" list. All good points, granted, but not good enough to sway a wise woman such as myself. My husband is AMAZING! He rarely forces me to do anything. He makes a suggestion and leaves it at that, praying that God would speak to my spirit and lead me (and also praying that I would listen, I'm sure :p) . He has actually said to me, "God is so much better at getting you to do the right thing than I am, so I just leave it to Him" (Hmmm, I kind of sound like a real pain, I'll pray about that).

This week I FINALLY realized why Facebook is such a bad influence on my life. I realized that I was sitting at the desk looking over the lives and choices and photos of my "friends" with a hideously critical spirit. "Well that person is an idiot, who does something like that." or "Oh MY GOODNESS, I cannot even BELIEVE that person calls them self a Christian!" or the worst, "Wow, so-and-so has really put on a lot weight!" (As if I HAVE any room to make that statement).

So you can clearly see that Facebook brings out the worst in me!! I'm thankful that the Lord has opened my eyes to the ugliness in my heart and I have since said farewell to the ever-entertaining world of Facebook. I am praying that the Lord will remove the critical spirit that has been made so obvious to me and asking my husband to forgive me for not submitting my will in the first place. Ugh, he is almost ALWAYS right! LOL, I should remember that the next time he makes a suggestion.


  1. I completely understand Facebook and I have a love hate relationship. I just found your blog you have a beautiful family : )

  2. Thank you Kasey! I'm glad to hear I'm not alone when it comes to Facebook. :D

  3. I totally understand you! My husband deleted his facebook a few months ago, and although I haven't deleted mine, I rarely ever go on it. I do notice that when I do, its only to be nosey! I commend you on your decision. Enjoy your new found freedom!

  4. Thanks Grisel! I really do seem to have a lot more time on my hands. Facebook is like time warp. lol