Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why We Chose to Homeschool

Our Family The Year We Decided to Homeschool

There are a lot of reasons that people homeschool. Here are a few of the reasons our family made the decision to homeschool.

1. In Deuteronomy we are commanded to teach our children the ways of God constantly. We do not think that is possible if they are surrounded by people who don't know the Lord for most of the day.

2. Ultimately, we will be responsible for the education of our children before the Lord. It will not be their teachers, sunday school teachers or anyone else. We will be held accountable.

3. Children spend about 7 hours per day in a classroom, but are only give an average of 2 hours of instruction. At home we usually give 4 hours of instruction and plenty of time for the kids to explore their own interests, without being required to sit at a desk. My children are learning to sew, bake, cook, crochet, play piano and so many other things that I never had the opportunity to do because I was always in school or involved in other school activities.

4. Our oldest did go to public school for K and first grade. She seemed to care more about her friends, even at that young age then she cared about her family, especially her sisters. Within a few weeks of pulling her out of public school we noticed a marked difference in how she treated her sisters and the rest of her family.

5. Being at home has given my children the opportunity to learn to be social with people of all ages, not just children their own age. They are able to play with little kids and kids older than them. They also know how to interact with adults and love spending time with elderly friends from church.

6. The best colleges in the US hold sp0ts specifically for homeschooled kids. Apparently homeschoolers are better at problem-solving and thinking outside of the box.

7. There is no need to "filter" what our children are learning or undo what they've already learned. The truth is, when your children are surrounded by ungodly children all day, that is who they're being taught by.

8. If we don't trust the government with our money, our health care, foreign policy, or ...well , anything really...why would we EVER trust them with our children?

9. Homeschooling is fun! PLUS I have personally learned more in 3 years of homeschooling my own kids than I did in 16 years of public school. That's right, even through college! I was schooled, not educated.

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  1. I loved reading this! It's so true and this is why I plan on homeschooling also...but we don't have any kids yet hehe (just got married over summer)