Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Those" People

I cried the day Dave bought me a minivan. I was 23 years old. We'd been married four years and recently had our second (and last haha) baby. We were both still students at Washington State University, for crying in the night! Clearly, I was far too young to be driving a... mini van...

My how things have changed. Now expecting baby number 7 (clearly the "I only want two children" claim didn't stick), we are officially VAN PEOPLE. Not minivan, but VAN People (we are THOSE people, lol). Over the weekend we made the two-hour trek up to Spokane and purchased our very own fifteen passenger van. And to tell you the truth, I am so excited. I'm not excited to have people point and count as we pass them in town, but I am excited to be able to travel with friends in ONE vehicle! I'm looking forward to making day trips to parks and out to the mountains for hikes with more than just our family in tow. I'm excited that my 10-year-old will not have to be wedged in between two HUGE hot pink carseats in the back row of the Burb. I'm excited that the children can all be an arms' length from each other ( possibly the single most exciting aspect of being van people! lol the two-year-old is a hair puller).

Funny how the Lord changes us, isn't it.


  1. I found you on the homemakers blog, I had to click on your picture bc your van looks like ours! Except we have a sliding door. I hope the dealers get lots of requests for 15 pax vans so they can have more than one color and more options (power windows anyone?) Have fun with your van we love everything about ours, except when we have to fill it up ;)

  2. It took me a couple days to figure out that the mirrors were manual! Didn't even cross my mind that ANY vehicle wouldn't have power mirrors!! weird. And Yes, I was hoping for Burgundy...