Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bake Shoppe Birthday Party

Last week we celebrated my oldest child's ELEVENTH birthday. I know I am not the first momma to feel like time has flown by (and that I am WAY too young to be the mother of an eleven year old!) and my "baby" is growing up too fast. We try to make every birthday special, but given how may people are in our family we do not throw a party for each child every year. Sydney has not had an actual party for a few years so we wanted to something FUN! We saw the idea for a Bake Shop party on a blog and Syd LOVED it! We had tons of fun planning, decorating and having her party. The MOST fun part for me was that she is old enough now to know what she wants to do and has lots of great ideas, and I got to help her accomplish the party that she planned (for the most part)!

My girls made up about half the party.
Lexi, on the left, is giving me her "best
look" . LOL Three-year-olds are GREAT!

We sewed coordinating aprons for all the party guests. Here are my girls showing off their aprons before the party. The aprons were a huge hit and it was really fun to send all the girls home with a unique party favor.

Sydney showing off her cupcake, Lexi
in the back eating her gobs of icing.

For the cake, we made BIG cupcakes and filled bag after bag with different colored frosting and added different fun tips so all the girls could decorate
their own cake. They all LOVED that! I wish I had a picture of Aleyna's (5) cake with five inches of frosting. YUM!

At a side table we had other baked goods as well as jars of CANDY! Each girl had a little blue bucket to fill with her candy choices.

Sydney and I made "Sydney's Bake Shoppe" labels for water bottles and buckets of cotton candy. That may have been my favorite part of the party, so cute and it really made it Syd's party.

And the BEST part of the party was the next morning when all the guests went home, my child hugged me and thanked me for all my hard work on the "best day of her life"! Tears... (pregnant girls can't handle that kind of thing).

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  1. I love the whole party! Your ideas and decorations are awesome!